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"Sasha exudes freedom and adventure when she performs.   She always brings fresh ideas to any musical situation."

-Dave Hamar, drums

 Live at the Witches Den // Sasha Tuck Quartet

"When I see and hear you sing, I love how you become the music."

-Jennifer Real, vocalist



Check out my latest musical project Just One Sun!

Tuesdays Tallahassee Swing Band at the American Legion on Lake Ella 7:30-10pm

12/2/23 Lullabies in Rhythm with Wayne Pearcy at Blue Tavern 8-11pm $10

11/17/23 Just One Sun at Blue Tavern's Jazz Weekend 9-11pm

Contact Blue Tavern for Tickets

10/6/23 Just One Sun at Blue Tavern 8-11pm $10

9/22/23 Just One Sun at Oyster City Brewing Company Tallahassee 7-10pm 

9/8/23 Just One Sun at The Silo 31626 (Boston, GA) 7-10pm

7/8/16 Waterworks 7-10pm

6/17/23 Waterworks 7-10pm

5/26/23 Sasha & Seep at Blue Tavern 7-9pm with Bubbles Brown 9-11pm $10

5/13/23 Sasha Tuck and the Tally Cats at Waterworks 7-10pm


4/28/23 Just One Sun at Blue Tavern 8-11pm $10


3/25/23 Tallahassee Jazz and Blues Festival with the Tallahassee Swing Band

3/4/23 Sasha Tuck and the River of Dreams at Waterworks


2/11/23 Flavors of Love Valentines Special with Wayne Pearcy at Over Under 8-11pm

2/10/23 The Tallahassee Muses presents Valentines Vixens at Mickee Faust Theater 6-9pm

1/21/23 Sasha Tuck and the River of Dreams at Waterworks


1/14/23 Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant with Rhys Bennett 


12/17/22 Pre Concert Jazz for the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall 6-8pm

12/16/22 Blue Tavern 8-11pm

12/10/22 Holiday Stroll at Cascades Park 6-7:30pm

12/2/22 Tallahassee Muses Holiday Concert at Mickey Foust Theater for the benefit of Refuge House 

11/18/22 Bia Bi Saigon (HCHM, Vietnam) with The Horizon Band 7:30-9pm

11/13/22 Coi Saigon (HCMC, Vietnam) with the Juan Anthony Reyes Quartet 9-11pm

11/5/22 Blue Tavern 8-11pm

11/2/22 Waterworks Jazz Jam with Joe Shahady, piano,  Jack Straub, bass, and Collin Hopkins, drums 8-11pm

10/21/22 Railroad Square Craft House 7-10pm

10/6/22 Goodwood Museum and Gardens (Private Event)

9/22/22 Goodwood Museum and Gardens (Private Event)

9/16/22 Friday Night Divas Series at Over Under with Andrew Salow, piano,  Jack Straub, bass, and Austin Boyd,

drums 9pm-12am

9/3/22 Aloft Tallahassee Downtown 7-10pm

9/2/22 Featured Guest with the Sammy Hanson Trio at Over Under 7-10pm

8/12/22 Railroad Square Craft House 7-10pm

8/6/22 Blue Tavern  Chris Seepersaud, guitar, Jose Serrano, bass, and Paddy League, drums 8-11pm Cover $10

8/4/22 Benefit for Ukraine at Blue Tavern 5-10pm

7/30/22 The Winehouse on Market Street with Andrew Salow

7-10pm Cover $10

7/23/22 MusicFest Northside Stage with Chris "Seep" Seepersaud performance 1pm, workshop 2pm

7/8/22  Jazz Divas Series at Over Under with Andrew Salow, piano, Brian Hall, bass, Leon Anderson, drums 7-10pm Cover $10

7/4/22 Celebrate America at Tom Brown Park  with Christopher Minami, guitar, Brian Hall, bass, Leon Anderson, drums 7pm

7/1/22 First Friday at Railroad Square Craft House  with Chris Seepersaud, guitar, Brian Hall, bass, and Jeffrey Leonard Chambers Jr., drums 7-10pm

6/18/22 Aloft Tallahassee Downtown with Stephen Michael Hodges 7-10pm

5/20/22 Blue Tavern  Chris Seepersaud, guitar, Jose Serrano, bass and Paddy League, drums 8-11pm Cover $10

5/12/22 The Winehouse on Market Street with Sam Taylor,  piano 7-10pm

5/6/22 First Friday at Railroad Square Craft House 

Chris Seepersaud, guitar, Allen Cadet-Civil, bass, and Austin Boyd, drums 7-10pm

Want to find and develop your voice?  I'm happy to help you along your journey through any style of music.  I host corporate, school and community workshops, offer band coaching and vocal producing in the studio. You can study individually with me at Seepersaud Studios in Tallahassee, Florida.  I am currently accepting clients ages 14 and up.


Please email me at for more information.


Vocalist, arranger, and educator Sasha Tuck loves to draw audiences into the story of every song she sings. Her innovative approach to phrasing and vibrant energy spread across the bands she leads, inspiring players to bring their best. 

Sasha has performed with many jazz luminaries including Buster Cooper, John Lamb, and Kenny Drew Jr. at over 100 venues and festivals including Clearwater Jazz Holiday, Crested Butte Music Festival, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, Celebrate America 2022 and recently made her international debut at Coi Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Sasha holds a Masters Degree in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas and was an Adjunct Professor in the Music Industry/ Recording Arts (MIRA) Program at St. Petersburg College from 2010-2019 where she developed new courses and inspired many students to become professional musicians.

Originally from Pennsylvania, she currently resides in the Tallahassee Metro area with her cat Ozzy Gandalf Shadow Phantom.


Sasha hosts community workshops, offers vocal coaching in the recording studio, and gives private vocal instruction for ages 14-adult.  


For information on booking and instruction please email: 

"Supple, clear,   and evocative   are all words

 I would use." 

-Rebecca Zapen,      singer/songwriter


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